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Birthdate:Jul 18
Location:Tennessee, United States of America

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action figures, all over me, angel, anthrax, anya bast, army of darkness, batman begins, battlestar galactica, blade, blind melon, books, bread, bret easton ellis, brian keene, bryan smith, buffy, caitlin kittredge, caitlin r. kiernan, cds, cecil b. demented, celtic frost, charlaine harris, chasing amy, cherie priest, christa faust, clerks, clive barker, clothes, comics, conventions, crafting, creativity, cry baby, dallas, danzig, darkman, days of our lives, death angel, death proof, deathklok, dimmu borgir, dnd, doctor who, dogs in space, dollhouse, doom generation, dr. horrible's sing along blog, dragon con, dvds, etsy, evil dead, evil dead 2, fabric, faith no more, faster pussycat, fear and loathing in las vegas, firefly, friday the 13th, gena showalter, george michael, grease, grindhouse, halloween, hellraiser, heroes, house of 1000 corpses, how i met your mother, hunter s. thompson, indulge, j. r. ward, jack ketchum, jack off jill, janes addiction, jaye wells, keri arthur, kiss, lexx, life of agony, lillith saintcrow, living dead dolls, lost, love and rockets, makeup, mallrats, marilyn manson, mark henry, metallica, mortiis, music, nancy collins, neil gaiman, nightmare on elm street, nowhere, pans labyrinth, paths of possession, patricia briggs, pink floyd, placebo, planet terror, poppy z. brite, pretty boy floyd, psychotica, rachel caine, red hot chili peppers, repo! the genetic opera, requiem for a dream, richelle mead, rob thurman, rob zombie, serenity, sewing, sherrilyn kenyon, silhaven, smallville, south park, splendor, star trek, star wars, stephenie meyer, strangeland, strapping young lad, supernatural, television, the addams family, the dark knight, the devils rejects, the girl next door, the guess who, the lost boys, the munsters, the office, the velocity of gary, the venture brothers, the white stripes, tideland, torchwood, true blood, type o negative, ultimate fighter, velvet goldmine, video games, watchmen, wednesday 13, white zombie, wow, wrath james white, writing, x-men
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